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We will discuss research design, writing strategies, and dissertation logistics, as well as the format for the dissertation proposal itself. Be sure to consult sample proposals on reserve in the Performance Studies Archive.

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We will discuss the process of applying for grants and the preparation of grant applications. Bobst Grants Resource List. Funding Sources for Dance from Arts Wire. For deadlines and forms, consult Meeting the Human Subjects requirement.

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DUE: Hand in a plan for funding the research and writing of the dissertation. This plan should include a list of grants for which you will apply and their deadlines. Your plan should include 5 sources. In addition to identifying the most obvious sources, try to find ones that are more narrowly focussed and appropriate to your particular project or qualifications. Please send a list of the 5 sources, with contact information, by email to everyone in the class.

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  • The proposal MUST be distributed to each member of the class one week prior to the session in which it will be discussed. Each person in the class is to comment in detail and in writing on each proposal. During the class, we will devote one hour to each proposal. The writer of the proposal will take about five minutes to frame the discussion, briefly setting out the topic and identifying the areas which the discussion might most profitably address.

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    The remainder of the time will be devoted to detailed discussion of the proposal, first pointing out the strengths of the project and then offering constructive suggestions. Revised proposals must be in my hands by May 1, except for those who present on May 1. Their revisions are due May 8.

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    Seminar, taken in the fifth, or at latest sixth semester see above. In Ethnomusicology, it is written under the guidance of your advisors. Once you and your advisor s are satisfied with the proposal, you should submit it to your area advisor, and this should be no later than the midterm date of the seventh semester.

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    It will be read by members of the appropriate area subcommittee the prospective defense committee , which may return it to you for revision or may declare that you are ready to defend your proposal. If it is returned to you, you may resubmit only once. If it is not approved on the second occasion, you will not be permitted to proceed to the Ph.

    The examination lasts up to three hours.


    Passing the Proposal Defense is the final stage before "doctoral candidacy" -- i. Once your proposal is recommended for defense, the Director of Graduate Studies Musicology will schedule your Proposal Defense as expeditiously as possible. Your defense committee will include at least three faculty members, the majority of whom will represent the discipline s in which you are specializing. If you fail this defense you have one chance to retake. If you fail on the second occasion, you will not be permitted to proceed to the Ph.

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