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Also when high costs on software, hardware and connection costs are borne, the equipment might soon be outdated. The teacher has now become more of a learning facilitator rather than an instructor or information provider. The teacher has moved away from being a fact teller and an expert to being a collaborator and occasionally an expert, with learning emphasis being on relationships and inquiry rather than facts and reproduction. Students are moving away from passive learning, given the lesser lecturing; towards cooperative learning.

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Focusing more on information literacy, the teacher helps in guiding students to identify and access required information. With students being capable of resourcing all relevant information, the teacher now needs to help them to analyze, evaluate and judge the suitability of the information; they have required.

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With the involvement of technology, the traditional skills and exercises of students are being increasingly abandoned. The use of calculator by students avoids them the benefits of manual calculations. Manual calculations involve deeper analysis of the problems which develop brain activity and mental capability. Introduction of technologies, while helping students, are in fact doing away with the crucial mental exercises and reasoning efforts of the students, depriving them of the associated valuable benefits.

With most schools accepting electronic submission of answers or essays, students no longer need to be concerned of spelling and grammar usage.

These are automatically highlighted or corrected, saving them the effort to do it by themselves. In the long run, they do not develop the skills necessary for identifying and correcting these. The use of internet in education not only exposes students to wrong or misleading information but also to engage in plagiarism.

Long and Short Essay on Indian Education System in English for Children and Students

Assignments and tests are quickly completed by reproducing available information rather than producing it by themselves. The use of technology in education is definitely doing away with the skill sets that have been acquired by individuals with much effort and pain, traditionally. Music education is also an area where technological changes have done away with traditional requirements. It has really become very tough to control this activity, especially in the examination environment.

Modern education system

Smartphones are available with all its advanced features and instant internet accessibility which compel them to use it without any hassles. Cyber bullying is an illegal activity where especially youngsters fall under the trap of illegal crimes without their knowledge. The young learners have an easy access to umpteen accounts that tends them to enter into the dark tunnel of harassment which has an entry but no exit at times.

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They lost in its darkness along with their shining future which could have given miraculous results if cultivated properly but with cyber bullying everything gets washed off all of a sudden. In recent days to keep equal pace with technology educators are busy in educating the learners with its online education tools instead of communicating orally that makes them unable to interact with their teachers and share their problems openly to overcome it. To avoid these problem educators should always use verbal communications along with online education tools so that their students can dynamically learn the topics along with proper interactions.

Every day, scientists come with new discoveries and challenges that keep technology rolling every second. Softwares keep on upgrading and if a teacher does not possess technical skills, it becomes difficult for him to execute it in the right direction. Hence, educators have to be expert in technical skills toor the school has to hire technical experts adding extra expenses to their expenditures to overcome these technical challenges.

Computer is a machine which often faces malfunction at times due to its wear and tear. What will be your reaction?


Will you be able to put the same efforts within that limited time? All your efforts went in vain with the malfunctioning of your laptop. You cannot rely completely on these gadgets for your important projects and assignments. You keep on exploring the world each day but still there are lots of facts that are left unexplored.

Knowledge has no limit and no age. Many students or learners have urge to keep their learning go on and on but at times it becomes difficult for them to attend regular classes due to their job or other difficulties but with advance science it has become easy nowadays as it has given us the marvellous option of perusing online courses along with our regular activities, but problems like slow internet speed and network issues keeps troubling you.

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The other disadvantage is that these online courses often fail to create motivation for learning or self-discipline and usually ends with monotonous experiences and frustration. As smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets wholly replaced the use of paper and pen, therefore, finding a person with good hand writing is just like finding a needle in the haystack.

All the important documents are now typed and fitted in that small folder icon in your laptop. The main problem is the inequality in public and private education sector of Pakistan. There are many systems working in the country which result in conflict and social division. Pakistan is an ideological state based on Islamic ideology but our system of education is not able to protect our religious norms and guide our new generation according to Islam.

Another important reason of the failure of our educational system is less trained faculty. New techniques of teaching and materials to make lessons more interesting to the students have not been adopted. One of the chronic problem of our education system is the shortage of teachers. The number of teachers has been gradually increasing but it does not match favourably with the number of students and there is a gap between the students and teachers ratio.

Our poor examination system encourages rote learning. The students look upon a degree as a passport to employment in a commercial commodity which can be purchased if you pay the price.

Traditional Education Vs Modern Education - Comparision

Our curriculum is not updated to compete with the rest of the world. It has no direct connection with the practical life which the students will have to face after the completion of his studies. Lack of technical education is one of the major problem of our country.