Essays on advantages of science and technology

Essay on Science and Technology

Now we can entertain ourselves through Computers, Games, TV and so on. All these things are possible through science and technology. It was almost the first invention when came to know about the first invention when came to know about fire and the wheel. Both of the inventions are considered as the mother of all the technological innovations of the modern time.

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Science and technology have become a debated topic in society. It is necessary for modern life where other countries are more developed in different field of Science and technology. It becomes very necessary for other countries for future safety and security.

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It is science and technology which helps other weak countries to develop and strengthen. We want to take the support of Science and technology for own life to improve the way of life for the make better of mankind. If we do not take the help of technology such as the computer, internet, mobile phone, electrical items, electricity, etc we cannot be economically strong in the future time and would be backward forever even we cannot survive in such a science and technological world in our life.

Advancement in the field of medical, agriculture, education, economy, sports, games, jobs, tourism, etc are the examples of science and technology. The quest for scientific knowledge should be boundless. There should not be any type of difficulty to prevent like an enrichment of knowledge, and that is exactly what science provide to our life.

Essay on Science- Its Advantages and Disadvantages - List of Prime Ministers of India

Scientific knowledge can only provide us in the long run and event perhaps save us from catastrophes that may occur naturally in the world. There would be an agreement that science world has products a lot of dangerous and destructive things which have brought society huge problems, but on the same token the good things that science has produced seem to outweigh the bad so totally depends on us.

How could we take away technology? For examples about technological world that technological improvements of medication is an essential area to our success in linving longer healthier lives with the low amount of pain and discomfort on our life. For example, in the past time of my life that, epidemics of polio were common and were greatly feared in our society because the disease left many of its patients paralyzed for own whole life.

What is Technology and some of its Advantages and Disadvantages

And even though, no drug has yet been found that can kill the polio virus or control its spreads in the body, we at least have some measures to prevent polio. For instance, we can protact ourselvesfrom from polio by immunizing ourseleves by using vaccines or serums. What a great sense of relief. There is some important point for analyzing Science and Technology between Advantages and disadvantages so analyzed with given here some point and clear their confusion between the Advantages and disadvantages of Science and Technology. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Refer students to the Risks and Benefits student esheet, which will direct them to Cell Phones and Driving to learn about how cell phones might be affecting safety on the road. The resource will pose the following questions, which should be discussed with the entire class:.

This resource will guide students through these topics:.

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Once students have finished exploring the above resource, they should continue using the student esheet to go to Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident , which provides an analysis of the mechanical and administrative causes of the accident. As students read the resource, they should consider the risks and benefits of human spaceflight and how public perceptions of these may have changed after the Challenger accident.

Now that students have been exposed to some of the pros and cons of technology, give students 10 to 15 minutes to write down on a sheet of paper their thoughts to the following questions. Then discuss students' answers as a class. There can be many correct answers to these questions. The goal of the questions is to stimulate critical and creative thinking in terms of technology. Some of the possible answers were taken from the Professors calculate monetary, statistical value of human life , an article on the Daily Princetonian website regarding monetary value of a human life.

500+ Words Essay on Science and Technology

Use the Risks and Benefits Essay Rubric to assess student essays. See the Tool. See the Collection. See the Lesson. Photo Credit: Science NetLinks. Did you find this resource helpful?