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The niece uses social decorum very much to her favor. First, she presents herself as inconsequential, telling Nuttel that her aunt will be down soon, but "[i]n the meantime, you must put up with me. And it provides perfect cover for her mischief. Her next questions to Nuttel sound like boring small talk.

The open window essay

She asks whether he knows anyone in the area and whether he knows anything about her aunt. But as the reader eventually understands, these questions are reconnaissance to see whether Nuttel will make a suitable target for a fabricated story. The niece's prank is impressively underhanded and hurtful. She takes the ordinary events of the day and deftly transforms them into a ghost story. She includes all the details needed to create a sense of realism: the open window, the brown spaniel, the white coat, and even the mud of the supposed bog.

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Seen through the ghostly lens of tragedy, all of the ordinary details, including the aunt's comments and behavior, take on an eerie tone. The reader understands that the niece won't get caught in her lies because she's clearly mastered a lying lifestyle. She immediately puts the Sappletons' confusion to rest with her explanation about Nuttel's fear of dogs. Her calm manner and detached tone "enough to make anyone lose his nerve" add an air of plausibility to her outrageous tale.

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WORDS 1, Who wrote under the pseudonym Saki.

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His stories are mostly elegant, witty and highly individual; full of humour, suspense, mystery and action. The present story is an outspoken example of his excellent dramatic style. The very title of this story is symbolic which plays the central role in creating horror and suspense. It is basically a mysterious description of Mr. It also highlights a make-believe tragic incident, which happened with Mrs.

Chapter 7 The Open Window English It So Happened CBSE NCERT Class 8

Sappleton there years back. In short, the writer has cleverly developed a surprise plot to throw considerable light upon the character of Vera, Mrs. Sappleton and Mr.

Framton Nuttel. On an October afternoon, Mr. Framton Nuttel came to the rural house of Mrs. Sappleton whom he had never met before, to recover from his nervous tension. He came there with a letter of introduction from his sister who had an acquaintance with them. He is received by Mrs. Sappleton nniece, Vera, who was a young girl of She told them that her aunt would come down very soon.

Vera was found of mysterious and horror stories. On knowing that he was a stranger, she fabricated a strange story to pass the time. She drew the attention of Mr. Nuttel to the open window of the room in the month of October.

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She asked the reason of the window being opened, and when got no answer. She told him a tragic story attached to that window. Vera told Mr. Nuttel that out through that open window almost 3 years ago, Mrs. But they never came back as all of them had drowned in a bog while crossing the moor. In lamentation, she further told him that her aunt always kept the windows open, hoping that they would come back some day.

Nuttel was quite shocked and sad at this tragic story, which appeared to him real. After some time, Mrs. Sappleton entered the room and apologized for being late. She further told him that the window was open, because, soon her husband and brothers would return through that window.

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He even noticed that his hostess was not paying attention to him; rather constantly looking through that open window. All these things added to his fear and astonishment.

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And were all muddy Nuttel was really shocked at this sight and tried to look at Vera. Vera was also staring at the window with dazed horror in her eyes. Entering the room, they asked why the man had run out without seeing them. Only Vera knows that her concocted story had frightened the stranger. So, she, not wasting the time, invented another story.