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Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. In a society where money and power are necessary for success, Heathcliff, a poor, dark-skinned orphan, felt that it was his responsibility to rise in the social hierarchy to become suitable for Catherine Earnshaw.

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When Catherine preferred to marry Edgar solely because of his status, Heathcliff retaliated by striking revenge against the Earnshaws and Lintons. In this fictional society, social class was a major theme that developed over the course of the story. There is a clear distinction in the characters who are a part of the elite class, middle class, and working class.

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The characters in Wuthering Heights clearly show the differences in class based on where they live. There are stark contrasts with this house compared to the Earnshaw house where Heathcliff lived. He was constantly picked on by the rest of the people in the house, living a life full of constant abuse. However, when Catherine chooses to marry Edgar Linton, Heathcliff runs away for three years to make money and comes back on the top of the social hierarchy.

The rest of the book describes the characters in a depressing tone and shows their internal suffering. In conclusion, there are several standards from the fictional society in Wuthering Heights that influence the characters to make decisions that are careless and regretful. A classic theme in Wuthering Heights is social class. Heathcliff started at the bottom of the social hierarchy and tried to prove to Catherine he was good enough by coming back rich and important, a suitable man for a lady to marry.

He responds by taking advantage on the people who did not accept him and marrying Isabella Linton out of spite to Catherine. I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul! Instead, some literary critics argue Heathcliff represents the power of the untamed, natural world. People feel with their hearts, Ellen, and since he has destroyed mine, I have not power to feel for him. Like Branwell, Hindley descends into alcoholism later in the novel.

Hindley seeks consolation in booze after his wife Frances passes away, but Branwell seems to have been involved a steamy relationship with a married woman. A sensible man ought to find sufficient company in himself. Heathcliff probably has more experience with true solitude than Lockwood has ever experienced.

We also know from previous quotes that Catherine has a deep awareness of the all-pervading power of nature, which are best represented by Heathcliff and the moors. One such Gothic element is the heavy use of dreams throughout the text.

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Are dreams really the gateway to the subconscious? If so, how do we retrieve the wisdom of these nightly visions without completely losing our sanity? Want the top bookish content from across the internet? Join our Weekly Literary Roundup to receive the most popular and relevant literary news every Tuesday at 10 am. You said I killed you — haunt me then. I believe — I know that ghosts have wandered the earth. Be with me always — take any form — drive me mad.

Nelly Dean chastises Lockwood with this quote at the end of Chapter 7. The only phrase that comes close to this description of Catherine is the quote from Chapter 5 listed above. Found in Chapter 17, this quote describes Edgar Linton shortly after the death of Catherine. At first glance, it seems like this sentence is nonsensical; melancholy and joy are polar opposites, right?

Well, recent science shows a healthy dose of pessimism might actually stave off depression. Catherine was conceited all throughout her youth, which is clearly a contributing factor to her immaturity.

She also shows how she likes and loves to be given excessive attention. This causes her problems all the way until she becomes an adult. A very important aspect of Catherine is, of course, her personality.

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She can be described as conceited, mischievous, willful, and had the bonniest eye, and sweetest smile The readers can clearly see the special traits and features that make her unique in a special way. As a little girl, she has a very strong attitude. She is the type of girl that will react in a rather aggressive way when she doesn t get what she wants. She is so used to always getting what she wants, that when the opposite happens, she throws a tantrum.

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One of the first examples of this was, when she learnt the master had lost her whip in attending the stranger, showed her humor by grinning and spitting at the stupid little thing Catherine was an intensely emotional character. From the time she was a child, she made choices based on her urges and feelings, and would become irritated if her will was not maintained. One time she became violently abusive when Nelly insisted on supervising her visit with Edgar.

She pinched and slapped Nelly, shook Hareton when he began to cry, and then slapped Edgar when he attempted to intervene. This sort of unstable emotional state made Catherine very frail that she often became ill after an outburst. Following an argument she had with Heathcliff and Edgar, she became very ill and eventually died. It could be argued that her tendency for passionate outbursts drained the life from her. Catherine is a strong young woman and she is defiant of authority since young age.

She was never so happy as when we were all scolding, her at the same time, and she defying us with her bold, saucy look, and her ready words This, besides showing her as a mischievous child, shows a characteristic strongly underlined in her the need for attention.

Catherine also treated her brother Hindley poorly. As a child, she neglected him in favour of Heathcliff. As an adult, Catherine made no effort to help Hindley with his drinking problem after Frances died, nor did she try and prevent Heathcliff from taking advantage of Hindley.

Catherines selfish character was depicted when she wanted both Edgar and Heathcliff at the same time.

She wanted Edgar for his life and Heathcliff for his soul. She didnt want to choose between the two of them, and therefore she never did. Thus, she caused pain for Heathcliff and Edgar. With Catherine, her heart and mind are divided: she loves Heathcliff, but marries the more stable Edgar. Cathy Linton, on the other hand, enjoys a very loving atmosphere at Thrushcross Grange.

She is a fine, young lady. She loves her father and stays at his side constantly when he is ill. She even consents to marry Linton, so she can see her father. She and her father, Edgar, were very fond of each other. Edgar was anxious to protect her form the twisted world of Wuthering Heights. Cathy demonstrated her love for her father when she devoted herself to nursing him during his illness.

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Cathy never had any siblings, but she wished that she had one. She once said, [P]reply Linton! I wish you were my brother The reader is certain that if Cathy had a brother they would have been very close. Her characteristic traits show the reader that she is a caring and loving woman. Cathy was much more sensible than her mother was. She was able to effectively control her emotions at all times, even during confrontations with her tormentor Heathcliff, and remained strong and grounded throughout the novel.

At no point was she abusive, except perhaps in her initial treatment of Hareton. The differences in the emotional character of Catherine and Cathy could be explained in the fact that Cathy did not experience a relationship like the torrential love affair Catherine had with Heathcliff. It was this relationship that was the root for all the tragedy in Catherine s life.

Heathcliff played a dominant role in both halves of Wuthering Heights and he interacted with both Catherine and Cathy.