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You can get a sense of answering these questions when look at a known image of obesity which is fast food restaurants In the obesity rate for people twenty and older was Obesity is a disorder in which a person has excess body fat, causing further health risks such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Many factors attribute to this alarming problem.

Obesity basically means that an individual has too much body fat. When a child is obese, his or her weight is higher than twenty percent of the basic weight for a child of that height and age Boyse, There are many causes for this alarming rise in overweight and obese children. Some of these causes include metabolism, certain medications, unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, and even certain diseases that cause weight gain In , more than one of every three children in the United States suffer from childhood obesity or are at risk of becoming obese.

Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years Childhood Obesity Facts. Amongst other countries, America is on the top of the list for childhood obesity and causes of death due to this issue The number of people overweight has increased dramatically in the last three decades. America is the richest but also the fattest nation in the world, and our obese backsides are the butt of jokes in every other country Klein The eating habits of society have steadily become more harmful and have started to produce overweight children, over-indulgent adults, and a food industry set too much on satisfying our appetites Parents and children are not informed on the dangerous effects obesity can have on their health and life in the future.

The main reasons children face obesity is because they are not getting enough sleep, they do not have mandatory physical education, and they are not eating the right foods When people sit in front of a screen they do not stay active or even move for hours.

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Researches have concluded that the leading factor for obesity in children is due to the increased amount of TV time. The same researchers have supporting reasons that there is an increase in eating food, the nutritionally depleted effects of food advertising, and the decrease in energy when a child could be outside being physically active Welch Since , overweight rates have doubled among children and tripled among adolescents, increasing the number of years they have been exposed to the health risks of obesity Prevention, Facts About Obesity in the United States, Attitudes towards body image and weight have remained the same; however, views on obesity have not.

Ebbeling, Pawlak, Ludwig page: According to Wang increased the prevalence of overweight and obesity that become as a worldwide health concern. The negative effects of obesity can damage the entire society completely while eating fast food is the major cause of rising obesity rates.

Government regulation of fast food industries is the most effective and efficient way to reduce the obesity rates. Most U. According to the obesity research of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both childhood and adolescent obesity rates have increased significantly in the past few years Being overweight or obese is an unnecessary epidemic which leads to many health problems. This should be unnecessary because overweight and obesity can be easily prevented or helped by eating healthy, exercising, and using medical treatments S people are suffering from many health risks, and although many health issues have raised awareness, obesity seems to be the one health risk people ignore, and are not informed about.

Currently in the United States, obesity has become a tremendous problem that has not had much success in lowering the obesity rates. If you were to be out in a public place, and look around how many people would you guess were at risk of obesity. Obesity means fat deposition; weight gain due to fat tissue.

Adipose tissue can be deposited as sediments in areas of physiological as well as in the area of the breast, thighs, and abdomen.

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Obesity is divided on the degree number of adipose tissue and types depending on the reasons that led to its development. Obesity leads to increased risk of diabetes, hypertension and other diseases associated with being overweight. Strong Essays words 8. A riveting and striking film, Fed Up explains the issues of obesity, the health consequences of eating unhealthy, and the varying problems that coincide with this national epidemic.

While interviewing various families that struggle with obesity, the documentary shows a common theme: generations pass on their respected food traditions.

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For example, the Lopez family, from Hispanic dissent, states that in their culture, big statures and overweight individuals represent beauty and health; therefore, this family proceeds to consume an excessive amount of fo As much as we try to maintain our health weight, prevention of overweight and obesity is very common in many families.

Although there are many ways of preventing overweight and obesity, there are many social influences that direct us downhill and treatments that help us build a healthy lifestyle Strong Essays words 2. The rise of fast-food restaurants and the ease of access to them create an unhealthy lifestyle. Fast-food is becoming cheaper, resulting in families choosing that over home cooked food, which takes up a lot of time and requires skill.

This results in obese children, and obesity leads to a lot of serious health conditions like diabetes and heart-attacks In this project, I will discuss the need for increased awareness and prevention related to childhood obesity. The planned dates for implementing the Healthy People objective are between the dates of June 29th and July 13th. A healthy diet is important and necessary in preventing childhood obesity. The easiest way to prevent childhood obesity is by reducing your calorie intake to a balanced amount and not hurt yourself. Having a reasonable diet plan is extremely beneficial in the process of healthy eating.

Exercise is also an important step in preventing childhood obesity Childhood obesity and adult obesity are different due to the growth rate of children. Obesity in children puts them at major risk for diseases such as cardiovascular disease and health problems earlier in age and well as mental health issues like anxiety and depression Obesity refers to the condition of having an excessive amount of body fat.

If your Body mass index BMI is between 25 and If your Body mass index exceeds 30 you are considered obese. Nearly one third of children in the world struggle with obesity. People need to be educated on the causes of childhood obesity to decrease the diseases caused by and the cost of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity has almost doubled in the past 30 years Humiliation, sadness, and concern instantly washed over her because she did not want to put her child through what she had been battling her entire life.

Obesity hung over her head like a gray cloud that constantly rained down on her. She was reminded of her weight everywhere she turned, and no matter how much control she tried to have over it, it seemed that nothing ever worked It is a result of consuming a high amount of calories and doing a limited amount of physical activities.

In 21st century we have experienced a rapid growth in obesity and it has now become a serious problem. It has become more common as our lifestyle has changed and it became more and more comfortable. We are not forced to do any physical effort in order to survive. Nowadays, people travel to work in a comfortable car, spend all day on a chair in an office behind computers, having high fat snack during the day It is because obesity affects the health of individuals in a direct way.

The lifestyle and food are at the root of many of the problems of obesity in this country and others, who see how obesity is gaining ground so incessantly. It is especially worrisome incidence in childhood and adolescence, and that condemns millions of children to become overweight adults, with fatal consequences for their health "Understanding the American Obesity Epidemic", Through the rise of large-scale fast food corporations, the blame has shifted toward the mass consumerism of these global industries.

It is, however, due to poor lifestyle choices that the U. Strong Essays words 6. In this case, nutrition and food preparation have been affected.

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As preservatives are added into these products, the negative impacts towards consumers are rising. The positive correlations between the negative impacts and rise to the usage of these products have results to the global obesity epidemic We as a society can change the views on being overweight or obesity because in the United States, our society does not approve of obesity, the nation feels that it is important to be thin and healthy.

Society frowns on being obese.

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The individuals that are overweight or obese are often targeted because of the weight and stigma. The stigma is negative attitudes from society that affects the personality of those affected with obesity So you decide to swing through the drive through of a fast food restaurant.

Without even giving it a second thought you shovel your meal into your body. Repeating this pattern on a nightly basis, of eating these inexpensive fast food meals, days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months. Light exercise three times a week is better than nothing, but the Physical Activity Guidelines suggest minutes of aerobic exercise per week to treat obesity and overweight persons. This obesity correlation is important since excessive weight gain prompts a host of medical issues in humans such as insulin resistance which leads to the inability to properly regulate sugar levels better known as diabetes One might say it has become a nation wide maybe even a global problem and needs to be identified and talked about because of its hold on the world as a whole.

People dealing with weight problems and even obesity are sucked into weight loss programs because they seem easy and the least challenging option in a world that supports the consumption of fast food and processed garbage. We need to identify that the world we live in looks to make money and at the cheapest way possible Obesity and overweight attributed to significant non- communicable, cancer and musculoskeletal diseases, such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, renal failure, heart condition, low back pain, arthritis, and others.

As such, pressure has been placed on restaurants fast food chains, in particular to stop targeting children, prepare healthier options and to be more transparent with the nutritional facts of their menu items. Likewise, video game companies have found ways to get children up and moving while playing games by introducing motion sensors for their consoles i. Recently we watched a video from YouTube called Dear fat people by Nicole Arbour in this video she was extremely blunt with her opinions on obese people and what she feels they could do better at and the trouble they are causing with being over weight.

One study has found that risk of depression is 20 percent higher for obese individuals, and specifically for Caucasian college-educated people with obesity, the risk rises to as high as 44 percent. In this case, the triggers of depression include problems with body image, social isolation and self-esteem. Also, dissatisfaction, sadness, and frustration of being seriously overweight are factors that lead to depression Engstrom para.

This study reveals that obese people are more likely to get depression because of the factors regarding to extra pounds they carry This is measured by a BMI body mass index , which is the persons weight divided by the square of their height. If two individuals have the same BMI, it doesn 't necessarily mean that they are both overweight as many factors can come into play when determining percentages of total body fat Why has the diabetic rate elevated more than what it is been the last couple of years.

The answer is the lack of physical movement, also called exercise. Because of the lack of exercise, people choose to eat on the go, which ultimately causes the body to adapt to this type of life style. Unfortunately, this causes long-term effects such as diseases, obesity, and even death. While most people may know that this is not true, there is a reason for such advertisements to even exist.

Americans constantly want to lose weight, knowing that obesity is a problem in this country. People are influenced by the slim-bodied models on covers of magazines, thinking that this is what they need to look like. One of the most arguable opinion is about government intervention. Experts who suggest government intervention focus on the epidemic of obesity and unethical ploys of the food companies such as indeterminate modifiers.

They think the government should intervene to protect people. However, other experts who disagree claim obesity is a personal problem. They also warn about the ineffectiveness of regulating unhealthy foods In the twin golden arches will celebrate their 60th birthday but that event will be overlaid with the knowledge that McDonald 's, the poster boy of global fast food brands, is also the company people think of first in connection with unhealthy eating habits and the spread of nutrition-influenced disease. Consumers have a love-hate relationship with fast food: there is evidence that there are good reason for the addictive taste of fat, sugar and salt yet most people are aware that products high in these substances are seldom a healthy option or a good financial o Since obesity is a risk factor to various lifestyle diseases and health problems, it is necessary to cut the obesity rates by addressing the mentioned causes.

Although, obesity may not be the Black Death, it is still a severe health crisis that needs to be treated immediately Griffin. Statistics show that two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children struggle with either being overweight or obese in the United States today Abraham School aged children are showing an increase trend towards obesity due to unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle. As the numbers of overweight children soar, so do the complications that occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Therefore, education about the importance of healthy eating coupled with increased physical activity will go a long way in helping children make the right choices However, the development of those listed above can be called double-edge sword.

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