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Ford, an associate professor of black American studies and history at the University of Delaware and author of "Liberated Threads. Others see sagging as a symptom of contemporary America's fondness for sloppiness. They wear flip-flops to church. We've become a more relaxed culture.

Miller doesn't even pretend to bring any academic detachment to the subject of sagging. Some critics, including Miller, are so glad to see this fashion trend evaporate that they don't care why it went. They're just glad it's on the way out.

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What if everyone started wearing a toga? Indeed, finding examples of the kind of urban art Ford described has become difficult, as we discovered on a recent afternoon. It was a perfect day for sagging: a balmy, sunny afternoon in downtown Atlanta, lunchtime crowds filling the sidewalks, young men checking out and flirting with women on the city's bustling streets.

If you think sagging is a strange fashion trend, consider the codpiece in the 16th century. We set off to interview some saggers, but after an hour, we had found none. All the young people were wearing skinny jeans. Then, just as we had given up, we came across four young men in various states of sag walking with a young woman near a park. We soon discovered that even within this group of holdouts, there was little swag to their sag; they admitted they don't dare sag like they used to. Jordan Farmer, 18, wore modestly sagging green jeans that showed just a hint of his undergarment. He's a wiry young man with a small earring in his left ear, a goatee and a calm, almost professorial, manner.

Farmer said he tries not to be "disrespectful" with his sagging. When asked for an example, he said, "Too low is when you have your butt out and you're showing your underwear. His friend, Durunta Floyd, 18, also said a sagger must be circumspect. His jeans were sagging a tad lower than his waist. Like a lot of saggers, Floyd deliberately sags his pants so his underwear is visible. That's part of the purpose of the sag -- to show off one's colorful underwear.

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He said he's aware of how some perceive him as he walks down the street. I'm a criminal. They think a lot of things. But I don't let that phase me," Floyd said. He shrugged before patting his hair to make sure it looked good for the camera. Both Farmer and Floyd said they started sagging to imitate the way their favorite rappers dressed in videos. But today's hip-hop stars no longer sag, and that's the primary reason sagging has gone out of style, fashion experts say. Rapper Lil Yachty embodies the abandonment of sagging jeans. Sloppy, baggy streetwear no longer fits the aesthetic of the contemporary hip-hop world, where rappers now team up with high-end fashion brands, said Smith-Strickland, the fashion writer.

Rapper Lil Yachty this year was named a creative designer for the Nautica clothing line. And rapper Pharrell Williams designed a jewelry line for Louis Vuitton, another French fashion house. Today's hip-hop stars aren't going to be caught on the red carpet in jeans sagging around their butt, Smith-Strickland said.

Another group of celebrities also gets credit for stopping the sag: NBA superstars.

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Some trace that change to Critics at the time called the move "racist" and said it was aimed at then-NBA star Allen Iverson, a notorious sagger. Today's NBA stars, though, are fashionistas. A recent Rolling Stone article described how it's common for NBA players to wear spectacles, cardigans and pink blazers. NBA stars such as Dwyane Wade, who now dress in high-end fashion suits, helped end the sagging trend. So, one guy buys a Valentino suit, and the next one does.

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Now if you're a top NBA player, you have to look the part off the court. Schools with uniforms have all the students dressed nicely in the assigned uniforms. Profanitites were not in short when they arrived, and sexual innuendos were sure to follow. Many African American teenage boys seemed to occupy a corner section of the food court where they stood, pants sagging, and chest proud pumped with a sense of entitlement they felt over there territory. The girls would stay a fair distance, but keep their glances fixed on the table of boys, going out of their way to gain their attention by laughing too loudly at.

Mike, and I find both of them chatting about the weather and Mike is telling Joe of a time when his car skid on ice. It should be duly noted that Mike does not seem like a typical Starbucks goer, he has long hair wearing only a sweatshirt with sagging cargo pants-kind of reminds me of a bum. Suddenly, I came to the realization as soon as people realize they share a commonality they are much more. The dress code specifically bans tank tops with straps less than one inch thick, anything with visible cleavage or exposing the mid drift, cut-off shorts or shorts and pants with holes, and shorts and skirts shorter than fingertip length.

You can see the look of aggravation on the faces of the parents. The look says it all. There is one woman there trying to read the back of a box while her son is pulling on her pant leg. His insistence for attention becomes more and more adamant. He is obviously trying to convince her to buy him a new toy. I could never really understand why people take kids into the toy stores if they don't intend to buy anything. It seems like. In the image viewers see a young black male carrying his backpack, iPhone and drinking a soda.

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Edwards drew the stereotypical black man with big lips and a big nose. There is a tag attached to the glasses that. Showing black men shirtless greased up. To accentuate the strong body, hip hoppers use extreme gestures and body language that are synonymous to those made when fighting.

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All these acts are made to assert manliness, and as said. While skin cancer may not kill you, it can also lead to photoaging. Photoaging, or UV-induced skin aging, is another long-term result of sun exposure. The Skin Cancer Foundation also states that one blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence doubles the risk of melanoma.

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The girls I see here this evening are young teens who are wearing too much makeup trying to be seen by the young boys who are wearing expensive sneakers and saggy pants down around their buttocks. A few of the girls I see are young mothers pushing baby strollers and conversing about the latest fashion. One young girl I see is pushing a newborn in a stroller while yelling at another toddler about two-years-old. Some critics may say. The context of the media supposes to create meaning not chaos. Social order is maintained by domination, and the misguidance of every deviant act displayed in the media.

Sending a culture shock across the country, some may believe it could be a good thing and others may believe it could be a detriment to our youth and society. Social Control: Social control. It is sad how you can be a criminal just by the clothes you wear, such as baggy and sagging pants which is related to a thug or criminal, when in reality most white criminals don 't come from poverty or the "ghetto" but they commit most of the violent crimes.

Which indicates that, while black people do it to survive most likely, to stay above.

Vopat pg. When he spoke it was of knowledge that was both as gentle as a dove and as clever as a serpent. He was not the typical rebellious street bound, corner store hanging , pants sagging stiff necked man I would usually find myself falling for. That always ended up the same for me, like the blind leading the blind and both of us falling into a ditch. I remember feeling both scared and curious but I was able to pull myself together.

As we hung out together we started doing things like smoking marijuana and sagging our pants. Moving into High School these things I used to do to fit in turned into a lifestyle and lead to me getting arrested and kicked out of my school for selling marijuana. I was 15 at the time and the District Attorney was fighting for the judge. For example, Mrs. Cabot assumed that Daniel, the locksmith was a thug since his head was shaved, tattoos, and pants sagging, referring to him as Amigo. Because of her cultural stereotype she asked her husband to have the door locks changed because she felt he would give the keys to guys on the street to come back and rob them.

Cabot used Daniel as her scapegoat. There is only one position, but both guys are interviewing for the job. One of the men applying walks in, and immediately you can tell that he is undisciplined.

He is cussing, sagging, and has no manners. The second man walks in and he has good eye contact, has perfect manners, has his pants pulled up, and shows that he is well disciplined. It is obvious who will get the job.