The death penalty should be reintroduced essay

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The death penalty – your questions answered

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  • Death Penalty Persuasive Essay | Shannon Rafferty E-Portfolio.
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  • The death penalty – your questions answered.
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Death Penalty Persuasive Essay | Shannon Rafferty E-Portfolio

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The Death Penalty Debate

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  8. The principal causes of homicide are fights involving fists and feet, stabbing and cutting by glass or a broken bottle, shooting and strangling. Convictions for the actual crime of murder as against manslaughter and other unlawful killings have also been rising inexorably. Between and they ran at an average of 29 per year. There were 57 in — the first year of abolition. Ten years later the total for the year was which rose to by and in Figures released in show that since , 65 prisoners who were released after serving life were convicted of a further crime.

    The Death Penalty Debate

    These included two murders, one suspected murder, one attempted murder, three rapes and two instances of grievous bodily harm. The same document also noted that people given life sentences since January served less than 10 years of them, actually in prison.

    Whilst statistically all this is true, it does not tell one how society has changed over nearly 40 years. It may well be that the murder rate would be the same today if we had retained and continued to use the death penalty.

    The Death Penalty: An Opinion Essay

    It is impossible to say that only this one factor affects the murder rate. Easier divorce has greatly reduced the number of domestic murders, unavailability of poisons has seen poisoning become almost extinct whilst tight gun control had begun to reduce the number of shootings, however, drug related gun crime is on the increase and there have been a spate of child murders recently. Stabbings have increased dramatically as have the kicking and beating to death of people who have done something as minor as arguing with someone or jostling them in a crowd, i.

    As in most Western countries, greatly improved medical techniques have saved many victims who would have previously died from their injuries. Careful analysis of the situation in Britain between and the outbreak of the second World War in seems to point to the death penalty being a strong deterrent to what one might call criminal murders, i.

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    A very large proportion of the victims of those hanged during this period were wives and girlfriends, with a small number of husbands and boyfriends. So where a crime was thought about in advance the criminal had time to consider the consequences of their action and plan differently. For instance they may decide to rob a bank at the weekend to avoid coming into contact with the staff and to do so without carrying firearms. In most states, other than Texas , the number of executions as compared to death sentences and murders is infinitesimally small.

    Interestingly, the murder rate in the U.